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Friday, September 23, 2011


I went yesterday to a Tmobile store to take a more hands on approach in the search for my new phone.  First let me start by saying that "We The People" are getting screwed by her majesty the Telecomm companies.  What's this about "unlimited" data....oh, but not really.  Ha! What a gip!  What happened to the days when "unlimited" meant just that...un-freakin-limited??!!  And then they try to screw the uninformed consumer with the different pricing strategies that they post in big colorful banners.  Wake up people!  It's either get screwed up front with the price of the phone or get screwed over the next two years on what seems to be a decent rate plan but oh, what's this? They tack on an extra $15/month for phone for the next 20 months?!  It ends up being just as much, if not MORE expensive.  It's ridiculous, but like always, it's a "choice" we have.  We want flashy phones and pseudo-unlimited data, then they can charge whatever they want if we are willing to pay.  Simple law of supply and demand.

Anywhoo....let me get off of my soap box and get back to what my post was originally about.   I'm down to 3 phones.  The Crackberry 9900, the HTC Sensation, and the MyTouch 4G Slide.  I wasn't even considering the Blackberry because of the price but after holding "my precious" in my hand I have to say that it planted a seed in my brain!  The touch response is smooth and fast.  It still has the durable feel of my old Blackberry with the wonderful touchscreen feature.  Of course the HTC Sensation and the MyTouch are also wonderful devices and, from all that I've read, are basically the same device internally.  I am so tempted to go with an Android phone just to get to ROOT it and submerge myself in all that is Android.  Alas, I'm still undecided but will keep you guys posted as to what I finally decide to go with.

**While writing this, I came upon some disturbing news.  According to this article BB will be switching from their BB OS to something called "QNX".  So basically, if you buy one of these devices with BB OS7, you'll be buying something that's DOA.  What a gip!!  Android, here I come!**

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