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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time for a new phone...

The time has come to upgrade my cellphone.  I have to once again, dwell into the lions' den which is the Tmobile stores and upgrade my account since any changes to my rate plan would automatically extend my contract.  I think I'm gonna opt for the Pseudo-Unlimited Data Plan and an Android phone this time.  My Blackberry (or Crackberry, as it's known in some circles) has served me so well but I've had a sort of hex with these wonderful phones.  My 8900 is giving me the WSOD (White Screen Of Death, don't laugh, it exists) and won't even let me talk on it for more than 5 minutes without it locking up.  I really want the new 9900 touch screen and 4G but I'm not quite ready to dish out almost $350 for a new phone just yet.  I'm trying to decide between one of the new HTC Android phones.  Might be the new MyTouch 4G or the HTC Sensation.  We'll see what happens.

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