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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Android blues...

Well, I was happy for a few days when I received my HTC Sensation 4G phone in the mail.  Was it everything I had heard and more?  Yes....then,  First of all, be sure to do alot of research before updating to an Android phone.  Find out how you will be able to transfer all of your SMS messages, calendar appointments, pictures, music, etc.  Luckily, WireFly now offers free (up to 2GB) online backup.  You can transfer your contacts using a Google account as well.  This phone seemed to be totally awesome...until I noticed some issues with the camera/camcorder.  They wouldn't work.  They would give me a black screen and now they just open up and shut down immediately.  One of the drawbacks with doing business with an online company such as WireFly is that there is nowhere you can physically go to and talk to a person (or raise hell, if you wish to do so) face to face.  All communication is done either on the phone, through email, or through online chat.  I've been busy moving to a new apartment as well so I haven't had alot of time to be on the phone for about an hour waiting for someone to help me.  I did get the Gold insurance through them so I don't expect I'll be having much trouble in getting a replacement phone.  The other HTC phone I got for $40 on the other hand, is running without a glitch! The irony!  It ended up being an HD2 Windows phone.  It was quite easy to load Android Froyo 2.2 on it using a custom ROM.  It runs amazingly fast.  From what I've read, even though this phone is about 2 years old, it is still one of the most popular because you can run Windows (which by the way is coming out with the updated OS, Windows Mango soon), Android, and a smartphone version of Linux.  Everything runs quite good on it, including the WiFi hotspot.  I'll have some pictures and updates to the status of my Sensation 4G soon.  As always, comments, suggestions, questions, and rants are welcome!

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