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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Samsung R480 take apart

Well, I had another interesting task of taking apart a Samsung R480 notebook/laptop.  In this situation the customer thought the case was broken since someone had dropped it.  Luckily for him, upon opening the laptop, I found that some parts just had to be realligned and I reinforced them with some E6000 hobby epoxy.  I didn't find that many walk through videos on the Internet for taking apart this laptop so I at least wanted to provide some pictures to show my work for anyone who would want to undertake a similar task.  I've found that Samsung laptops are quite easy to work on so you shouldn't have a hard time doing this.
For this project I used:
  • Laptop screwdriver set
  • Plastic spudgers (find 'em here).  These come in handy for opening various electronics
Here are a few pics:

I started by removing the battery and the cd rom.  There are some silver screws under the battery and that are visible once you remove the cd/dvd rom as well.

<There are a couple of other screws to remove.

<Now flipping the laptop over, we have to release the tabs to remove the keyboard.

 Once you release the keyboard tabs and gently pry up the keyboard, you should see the attached keyboard and touchpad ribbon cables.  Carefully disconnect these as follows:

Now that we've got the keyboard out of the way, we can proceed to prying open the case.
Once you have the casing open, you can proceed to disconnect the wifi wires and the lcd cable from the motherboard.
Now you can proceed to remove the hinge screws that hold the lcd/bezel/screen assembly onto the base.  Start off with the one on the right.  It's hidden away underneath a USB board, so remove the screw for the board and gently pull the board out.

Now remove the right hinge screw and then proceed with the left one.
Be sure to keep all of your screws in order by labeling them and setting them up in a way that will help you remember how to put which ones back where you got them from.  In my case I simply label a sheet of notebook paper and use scotch tape to attach the screws.
 You shold be able to remove the lid/screen assembly away from the rest of the laptop now.  We have to pry open the bezel as well.  There should be six little rubber "feet" that keep the lid from closing down completely onto the base and damaging the screen.  Remove these little rubber feet and you'll find some screws that you must remove.
I'm using the spudger tool again to pry open the bezel around the screen.
Once you've pryed open the bezel, the metal hinges are exposed along with the screws that hold 'em in place and the plastic hinge covers.  In my case, I had to readjust those plastic hinge covers, reenforce them with E6000 epoxy, retighten the metal hinge screws, and reallign the wifi antenna wires as well as the vga camera cable. 
 <The metal hinge screws
                                           Plastic hinge covers>
<VGA camera cable.

Closer look at the VGA camera cable.  
 I hope this picture walkthrough helps somebody out.  Again, any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome!  : )


  1. Dude you are a life saver!! I was reassembling and couldn't figure out how to get the ribbons back on because I didn't remove the keyboard upon disassembly. Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brandon. It's hard to find time to keep up with it but I enjoy helping people out.